Como flor en la maleza

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  • Dirección:

    Maria Camila calle.
  • Producción:

  • Guión:

    Maria Camila calle
  • Dirección de fotografía:

    Luciana Riso
  • Diseño sonoro:

    Checho Estrada y Esteban Aldana
  • Música:

    The Virginia Valley
  • Dirección de arte:

  • Montaje:

    Esteban Aldana
  • Reparto:

    Tanner Resse, Tom Santiago Zapata, Jack Vladimir Bernal, Max/ Papá
Sábado 27, 7 p.m.
Parque de los Deseos
Sábado 27, 7 p.m.
*Con presencia de realizadores
Sala 1, Colombo Americano de Medellín

Maria Camila calle.


Summer of ‘99. Max, a widowed father and his son Tom, a lonely young man, live on a farm on the outskirts of the state of Montana. Tom’s mother was murdered years before by a deranged fugitive by the name of Jason Diaz. The event has had Tom on perpetual mourning. Max has invited Jack, a new tenant, to help out on the farm with their daily chores. Tom is dissatisfied with the idea from the beginning and does not hesitate to antagonize the new guest. A poorly kept secret hides under his bed while an unforeseen arrival from another dimension represents PERFIL DIRECTOR: CONTACTO: